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Coming Events

Event Information:

  • Sun

    Easter Sunday at the Club - incl rocker cover racing

    11:30 amClubrooms, 262 Tapleys Hill Rd, Seaton

    Gates open at 11.30am.

    BYO Lunch at the clubrooms.

    Rocker cover racing will be held after lunch, so get your old covers out & give them a dust off, or get busy & make a new one. Below are the rules.

    Rocker Cover Race Rules

    This is intended as a fun social event aimed at engineering aptitude.


    • The racers shall have no power source. All motive force is provided by gravity
    • Racers shall be based on a rocker cover.
    • The racer shall be no more than 40mm longer than the rocker cover base overall.
    • The wheel track shall be no more than 200mm.
    • Racers shall have 4 wheels no more than 150mm diameter.
    • The maximum racer weight shall be no more than 3 kgs.
    • The racer shall be clean (no sludge) If the racer drips oil or grease it will be disqualified.


    • The course shall consist of a launch ramp 2.4m long followed by a level run of 6m.
    • The launch ramp shall be divided into 2 lanes each 450mm wide and shall be 600mm high at the rearmost part and level with the course at the front edge. The front edge shall be bevelled to provide a smooth transition from the ramp to the run out lanes.
    • The official starting lane shall be 600mm from the rear edge of the ramp. A mechanised starting gate shall be employed. Details of the release mechanism dimensions to be decided.
    • The run out section of the course shall consist of 2 clearly marked lanes 900mm wide.
    • The finish line shall be marked 6m from the front edge of the launch ramp.


    • Scrutineering will take place to ensure compliance.
    • The competition will be conducted in heats of 2 racers at a time.
    • The Racers are to be launched with their front wheels on the starting line. The first racer to have its front wheels cross the finish line is the winner. If neither racer makes the finish line, the racer going the furthest in its lane wins.
    • Winning racers will advance to the next round until all are eliminated except 1 racer, which will be declared the outright winner.